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What is counselling?

I define counselling as a term used for many talking therapies. Counselling provides you with the time to explore, feel and share your concerns or behaviours. That have a negative impact on your life. It offers you a place where you can learn to listen and understand yourself. Both your body and mind give you information.

Short term therapy (4-12) sessions is often used to help people deal with emotions they are finding difficult to cope with. Emotions that have arisen due to a relationship break down, a loss of a job a family member or having been a witness to an difficult event. To gain the most from short term therapy weekly sessions are advisable or fortnightly session if other circumstances make week difficult.

Long term therapy is used for individuals with long standing emotional difficulties. A person can expect to be in therapy for at least 1 year. Sessions will be held weekly and in some cases twice a week at the start of the therapy. Regular reviews will be carried out. To ensure the individual is still being helped.

Areas of Life we can work with: Abortion and loss Abuse (emotional, Physical, sexual) Angry
Affairs and Betrayal Anxiety Addiction Bereavement Bullying Couples Depression
Eating disorders Low self-worth & Low self-esteem Panic attacks
Post Traumatic stress disorder Self-Harm Sexuality
Sexual issues Rape Relationships
Trauma Stress Work related stress

This list is an example of the areas of life we can explore together. If you want to talk to me about anything else please pick up the phone or email me.

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