Absolute Counselling

Face-to-Face Counselling

This is the most popular form of counselling I offer. Over 90% of my work is carried out this way.

Face-to-face counselling, enables me to offer a deeper level of counselling.
Because communication is made up of 3 elements
7% ‘words’ what we say.
38% ‘tone’ how we say it.
55% ‘body language’ the way we are as human beings as we deliver the words.

And of cause, there are the words that are not said by the client. That are often the most important for me to help you explore and find.

I offer counselling to all different types of people individuals and couples.

My work spans across all life experience’s including abuse, addictions, bulling, bereavement, relationships, low self-esteem and confidants, anxiety, depression, eat-disorders, anger management, illness and disabilities, sexuality, infertility, OCD, personality disorder, PTSD, self-harming, childhood experiences, stress, suicidal thoughts, trauma and work related stress.

Providing you with a non-judgmental environment helps us explore your concerns.

If you have any questions please call 677222 or 07875 485416.

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