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Workplace Counselling and Mental Health Support

1 in 4 people in the UK are affected by Mental illness and this is likely to be higher since Covid and the cost of living crisis.

Good employers are now expected to provide mental health support for their employees, as they have done for physical support. We know this is a benefit new employees look for when searching for a new job.
Over the last 5 years, workplace counselling has grown at an exponential rate. With over 88% of large organisations signing up to an Employers Assisted Program (EAP) or other mental health services.

For small and medium (SME) size companies this is not always a viable option, because if you have fewer than 200 employees the cost of the service outways the benefit. Leaving SME unsure where to turn when one of their employees needs more support than they can offer. 

Most EAP’s offer a website as the first line of support. However when a person is feeling overwhelmed or of low mood. They can find it very difficult to navigate, especially if they do not know what they are looking for. This just adds to their stress and prevents them from reaching out.

Removing barriers to access mental health support is vital if you want your staff to reach out early when feeling unwell or stressed. As this reduces absences rates and long term illness.

Workplace mental health support is key to keeping your staff in work> Working with a local counsellor has a number of benefits. Face to face support is available, continuity for your staff. Helps to build relationships which in turn means the staff reach out earlier when struggling with low mood, anxiety or have experience a negative life event. Working with someone local means I have a better understanding of the local area, businesses and the organisational culture.

I want your workforce to feel supported and experience good mental health alongside their physical health. Keeping your workforce mentally healthy keeps them in work.

What can I offer – workplace counselling tailored for your business.
Counselling – Face-2-Face/telephone/video within 5 working days on and off site.
Regular on-site mental health support sessions.
Education and training – for mental health awareness.

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