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This page contains stories from individuals who are happy to share their personal experiences of counselling with myself. I hope you find their feedback helpful. Names have been removed to protect the clients identity.

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“Counselling is a risk worth taking”

Claire provides a non judgmental safe space to talk through your problems / issues. She gave me the tools to enable me to feel better about myself and also helped me reach conclusions / realisations on my own, without bias or coercion. She genuinely seems to care and to want to help people.

Highly recommended!

Male 40’s

Deciding earlier this year that I would benefit from some counselling sessions, I didn’t know where  to start regarding finding the best one. When talking to a close friend, she spoke to me about Claire  and highly recommended her to me. Attending such sessions can be nerve racking, not knowing what to expect. At the beginning of our first session, Claire ran through the counselling process with me so I fully understood what to expect in the coming weeks. Within the first 10 minutes of talking to Claire my nerves began to settle. I found her to be very friendly, reassuring and knowledgeable and her approach to her counselling methods was calm and professional which certainly boosted my confidence enabling me to ‘open up’ so to speak – her manner alone reassured me that I had found a ‘good one’!

She guided me through each session, helping me to feel at ease and comfortable enough to express  the emotions I was feeling – however, I never felt pressurised to discuss anything that may not have  felt right for me at that time. I found myself looking forward to my sessions and starting to feel more and more empowered as each week went by. Being truthful, some sessions were more helpful than others but when my counselling came to an end, both myself and Claire were in agreement that the time was right for
me to go forward ‘on my own’! At our final session, Claire did re-assure me that she was always  there should I need her and recommended that I should take time to reflect upon the sessions we  had had from time to time, which would help me through the coming weeks and months. 

All in all, Claire has helped me to become the forward thinking, positive minded person I am today  and I would not hesitate in recommending her services.

Female, mid 40’s

Going to a counsellor was quite difficult in respect of admitting “I needed help” and the thought of possibly telling a stranger my innermost secrets was quite daunting!!

However once I felt comfortable enough I just talked away like I was talking to my best friend, I never once felt like I was being judged and that was one off my immediate concerns.

I definitely felt I was taking a positive step and after each session, week by week I felt better and better in many ways.
I am now a more positive person and have a greater sense of self worth and take far better care of my mental and physical wellbeing.

Male, mid 50’s

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